Miniaturized Neural Interfaces

Fully Encapsulated Neural Interface and Acquisition Chip (ENIAC)

- The first fully integrated electrocortical brain-machine interface for 16-channel neural recording and stimulation in less than 3 mm3 volume.

- Integrated wireless power receiver with an on-chip inductor-capacitor tank for miniaturization of neural interfaces

- RF-decoupling H-tree signal distribution network and energy-efficient resonant regulating rectifier

Wireless High-density Ultra-low-power Neural Interfaces

- Sub-microwatt-power/channel, sub-microvolt-noise, 92dB-dynamic range, 16-channel neural recording 1 mm2 microchip

- Wireless power delivery and data telemetry over a 13.56 MHz single inductive link

- Fully integrated autonomous neural recording and stimulation for mobile brain-machine interfaces