Wireless Body-area Networks

Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Separation and Classification Receiver

- Cognitive radio and full duplex 4-channel MIMO machine-learning supportive baseband receiver

- Capacitive spectral filter for 65 dB harmonic rejection

- Matrix multiplication spatial filter for 48.5 dB signal separation

- Supports 5G full-duplex RF communication systems

- MIMO over-the-air RF source separation in an uncontrolled open environment showing -38 dB suppression

- MIMO baseband receiver measurements demonstrating separation of signals with completely overlapping spectra (16-QAM and QPSK mixtures) in the presence of a strong 3rd harmonic blocker.

Energy-efficient RF transmitter

- Hybrid supply modulator for polar/envelop elimination and restoration transmitters

- Wide bandwidth linear amplifier and energy efficient switched-mode power supply (SMPS) in 65nm standard CMOS

- 500 MHz of small-signal 3-dB bandwidth

- 87.7% peak efficiency